Art Therapy | Art Therapist | Co. Clare
Art Therapy | Art Therapist | Co. Clare

Who is ARt TheRapy foR?

Art Therapy is a unique form of psychotherapy that works with each client’s individual creative expression as a means of exploring, understanding and resolving emotional challenges. Integral to Art Therapy is a client-centred approach which makes it suitable for adults and children of all ages and abilities.


Art Therapy is a holistic mental health intervention that can provide insight, self-empowerment, healing and recovery in areas such as trauma, bereavement, addiction, depression and anxiety.

Do I need to be good at aRt?

No. There is no expectation of skill or artistic standards within Art Therapy, every creative expression is of equal value. Picasso said: “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up”. We are all born with an impulse to create. Even if we never use this impulse it is always there for us to call upon.


 The writer and story-teller Clarissa Pinkola-Estes, likened the under used creative impulse to a smouldering fire that awaits to be fanned into flames. Art Therapy provides the safe containment where those flames of individuality can be ignited.

Do I need to bRing aRt mateRials?

No. All materials will be provided during Art Therapy sessions and workshops. A large variety of quality art materials will be available for you to choose from including pens, pencils, paints, oil and chalk pastel, charcoal, clay and many other tactile items with which to express yourself.


People engaging in ‘The Art of Memory’ workshops will be invited to bring objects of personal significance with them to the sessions and will also have access to all other materials.

How will I know what to cReate?

The Art Therapy process connects us to our innate knowledge, to the things we knew before we learnt how to mistrust our own judgement. Art Therapy helps us to remember the things we have forgotten and to use them to heal and transform our lives. As an Art Therapist my role is to support you to trust your instincts.

Will you analyze what I cReate?

Some mental health practitioners use the art image as a diagnostic tool. I do not. Both in my capacity as a Visual Artist and as a professional Art Therapist I believe that the meaning behind the image belongs solely to the person who created it. I will support you to find your own meaning which will enable you to understand and respond to your own symbolic language.

Do I keep what I cReate?

Yes. All images and objects created in the Art Therapy sessions and workshops belong to you. I will keep the items safe for you until we finish working together whereupon you decide what you want to do with your work.

What aRe the benefits?

Because Art Therapy is a holistic practice the benefits occur on many levels. Physically it provides an opportunity for self-regulation and grounding. Mentally it encourages mindful focus and concentration. Spiritually it encourages connection and a sense of purpose.


Although dialogue can be important in Art Therapy, the purely non-verbal creative aspect allows for the expression of deeply held emotions and memories, especially those associated with trauma, that we simply do not have the words for.


Within Art Therapy there is a triangular relationship in which the image or object that has been created becomes the third party. In this way the art piece embodies the client’s emotions which allows for a healthy distance between the client and whatever emerges within the artwork.


Art Therapy is not prescriptive but rather it encourages self-empowerment through supporting people to make their own discoveries within safe and confidential therapeutic boundaries.

Art Therapy | Art Therapist | Co. Clare

The bough is cleansed as the stoRm sweeps.

The candle bRightens as its wax weeps.