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The Gifts of Time and Space


I am so honoured to be asked to write a review for Margaret Curran and to share with you my experience of working with her therapeutically through art. My journey with Margaret started when I asked her if she would help me do a small area of mosaic tiling in my kitchen to represent me and our family in some way.  I did not have much idea of what I wanted other than I wanted it to represent us all. Margaret’s intuitive ability to understand the power of art to heal and transform prompted her to suggest that I work with her to create a piece of art myself and see what happens. Truth said I was initially cautious because, whilst I enjoy crafting, I am not artistic.  I will happily hold a glue spreader but a paint brush is simply too intimidating and reduces my hands to jelly.  But my intuition told me to trust; trust Margaret; trust the process and trust myself. Margaret suggested that I prepare by gathering meaningful items, such as jewellery, beads, precious stones, keys and curiosities.  This wasn’t too difficult as I had been saving such bits and bobs for many years clearly in preparation for the transformative experience that I was about to embark upon.


The journey to Margaret’s home is a local one for me, through an area of East Clare that I know.  The track up to her land is as demanding as the wild landscape.  It demands that you commit, that you go there with purpose.  


On arrival you are met by two friendly dogs – Betsy and Bonnie.  On entering Margaret’s home it is like your eyes are being invited to gorge on a magnificent feast of beautiful curios, colours and textures, and pieces of art.  Everywhere you turn there is an object of interest that catches the eye and draws you in.  This welcoming feast immediately puts you in an imaginative frame of mind and you can feel your creative potential stirring and awakening.


I am not a natural artist so I felt intimidated about the idea of creating something worthy to call it art.  I was very hesitant about making decisions in relation to my piece, about committing. Margaret’s approach is gentle, encouraging and assertive when needed.   In this way Margaret empowered me to trust my judgement; at the end of the day if something doesn’t look the way you want it to look – change it.


I have worked on my piece over many months with several weeks between sessions.  This has suited us both and has given me the time to appreciate the development of my piece of art and also the growth and development that I have gradually become aware of in myself.  Taking the decision to give myself the gifts of time and space to go within and connect with my creative potential has been a turning point in my life.  And being supported by Margaret in this transformative process has been a truly unique and invaluable experience.


Recently Margaret suggested that I bring my piece of art home to work on – go solo with it!  Exciting and daunting in equal measure but most of all a great honour to feel trusted to bring my own wisdom and intuition to my piece of art. If working through art is something that appeals to you, I encourage you to place your trust in Margaret to be your guide along your unique path of self-discovery and healing.  


Gill – June 2020

One to one client

We have been blessed to have Margaret come and work with our clients in Bushypark. Margaret provides a space where clients can explore issues and develop new ideas about themselves and their circumstances. Margaret works in a holistic manner, allowing clients to create their own piece without judgement or interpetation. Margaret provides a very professional and welcome addition to our programme, one that the centre and our service users look forward to and enjoy so much.


Margaret is the sort of therapist who goes about her business in a professional and non-judgemental manner. Through her presence she encourages and empowers clients to gently explore their issues and perceptions in a safe and secure way. Margaret’s weekly group art therapy sessions are without doubt the most popular part of the treatment programme in Bushypark, as is bourn out by service user feedback.


Gerry Murphy – Treatment Team Leader

Bushypark Addiction Treatment Centre

Margaret Curran has been working for Blue Box Creative Arts Therapy Centre for a number of years. Blue Box is a one of a kind charity that is dedicated to work with the most marginalised children and youth who are from disadvantaged areas of Limerick. Children and youth that have been traumatised through environmental and domestic abuse as well as other forms of abuse including neglect, sexual, emotional, poverty that brings other forms of trauma that affects a child’s life.


Margaret is a committed professional who brings her valuable life experience as well as her clinical training to her therapy practice in Blue Box. Margaret’s unique experience allows for compassionate and attuned work with children, youth and their parents that is a valuable asset to the Blue Box team. Her understanding of children/youth and parents encourages trust and confidence with the clients, these qualities bring about some important life changes through the work Margaret engages in with the clients. Margaret affords an openness that still holds the boundaries and a safe container that allows the client to explore in their own unique individual ways of their inner worlds in order to bring understanding and some resolution.


Margaret has shown diligence and care in all her work including report writing and following through with operational and clinical responsibilities, she is an active and valuable member of the Blue Box team, she shares her knowledge and skills generously and has offered workshops in the development of Art Therapy with in the context of working with traumatised children and youth. Margaret shows a humility that is backed by the wisdom of her experiences and is compassionate and attentive to families and youth from marginalised and disadvantaged communities, she has a particular gift with traumatised and troubled teenagers that allow for their engagement even when they can not engage with mainstream services. Margaret is someone I would recommend as both a therapist and supervisor, we are lucky to have in our profession and particularly in Blue Box Creative Arts Therapy Centre.


Bernadette Kenny – CEO/Clinical Director

Blue Box Creative Arts Therapy Centre